Since 2007, BeWitched Cat Toys have been brewing up a wide variety of unique cat toys for the finicky feline. 

We toil tirelessly, often past the bewitching hour, creating the best quality cat toys for your cats.  We use only the finest POTENT Organic Catnip grown here in Illinois by a local veterinarian.  There are many cats that have never responded to catnip in the past UNTIL they became a BeWitched Cat! 


Until 2010, BeWitched Cat Toys were available exclusively at CFA Cat Shows.  Only those that attended Illinois CFA Cat Shows had the chance to purchase our toys.  Numerous customers stated that their cats did not play with toys but were purchasing some for their friends or relatives; only to return the following day saying that their OWN cats took the toys out of the bag and played with them so they came back to purchase more. 


BeWitched Cat Toys are product tested by kitties of all breeds and ages for both durability and playability.  I carefully study what intrigues cats and recreate it in a unique cat toy.  Through much experimentation and product testing, I have discovered the perfect colors, textures and designs to please the most paw-ticular feline.  


We use only the finest POTENT Organic Catnip leaves, buds and stems in our Cat Toys, sure to cast a spell on your cat.  This enchanted Catnip is grown in Illinois by a local veterinarian and harvested at its peak potency.


Be Witched Cat Toy Product Reviews

2015 Product Review by Tori Lutz


Purr-fect 5 Stars by The Examiner in 2012!!!  

At BeWitched Cat Toys, we are constantly brewing up new cat toy designs so check back often for our new arrivals!