Organic Catnip Lotta Legs


 This little creature will purr-plex your kitty.  His eight legs stick out all about his body making it easy for even the smallest cat to grab, toss and kick. 

Available in a variety of patterns. 

Each Cat Toy is filled with our bewitching 100% POTENT Organic Catnip.  Made from high quality flannel and poly-fil to retain its shape. 

Measures approximately 5 inches diameter plus 4 inch legs.

BeWitched Cat Toys are product tested by kitties of all breeds and ages for both durability and playability.  I carefully study what intrigues cats and recreate it in a unique cat toy.  Through much experimentation and product testing, I have discovered the perfect colors, textures and designs to please the most paw-ticular feline.  

We use only the finest POTENT Organic Catnip leaves, buds and stems in our Cat Toys, sure to cast a spell on your cat.  This enchanted Catnip is grown in Illinois by a local veterinarian.  The Catnip is harvested at its peak potency, meticulously cleaned, bundled and hung to air dry naturally.  It is then hand sifted, ground and poured into air tight containers to retain its potency until magically placed into BeWitched Cat Toys